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AirSim Airway - Child [SKU: SB51020]

by LifeForm


AirSim Airway - Child

[SKU: SB51020]

Airway is uniquely constructed to allow realistic feedback during airway management procedures and provides true, anatomically correct, and visually accurate internal features. 

Neck construction allows the head to be moved and secured in a number of positions ranging from the standard "sniffing" position to more difficult scenarios.

Contains an inflatable tongue with real-life size and texture to introduce air and create tongue edema. 

Practices include direct and video laryngoscopy, endotracheal tube insertion, and supraglottic device insertion.

Similar to AirSim Baby(SB51018U">SB51018U), but based on a 6-year-old child, with tongue bulb to illustrate tongue edema and missing frontal teeth to simulate realistic dental layout of a child. 


  • Two child lung bags
  • User manual on CD
  • shipping brochure
  • bottle of lubrication
  • black carrier case

1-year warranty. 


Not for Sales in United Kingdom, Austria, Australia and New Zealand