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ALEX Patient Communication Simulator (PCS) Pro Package [SKU: 101-8050]

by Simulaids


ALEX Patient Communication Simulator (PCS) Pro Package
[SKU: 101-8050]

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The first patient simulator with speech recognition ability. ALEX responds to clinical interview questions with answers related to the scenario. Built-in HD IrisCam™ streams low latency video from ALEX’s right eye. Cloud connected and accessible from all your devices. ALEX speaks and understands multiple languages and learns new languages all the time so it can help train more learners all around the globe.

Key Features:

  • Airway - Oral, digital, and nasal intubation, as well as all other standard airway procedures
  • Blood Pressure - Measure BP using the included sphygmomanometer with SmartCuff™ sensor
  • Breathing - Moving chest in sync with set respiratory rate. Set profiles with varying depth of breath
  • BVM Ventilation - Lifting chest and measuring and recording airflow over time when done with CPR
  • Circulation - 8 pulse touch points (2 each of brachial, carotid, pedal and radial) pulse sensation on touch
  • CPR - CPR with metrics of chest compression depth/timing. Automatic logging of CPR
  • IrisCam™ - HD camera for live streaming and review
  • Patient Monitor - Direct control of HR, RR, SpO2, and TEMP to set target value and transition length
  • Patient Scenarios - Patient-specific status, resources, checklists and voice replies
  • Sounds - Realistic lung/heart/bowel sounds and Korotkoff sounds using the SmartScope™
  • Speech - Speech recognition and synthesis for automated medical interviewing
  • SmartScope™ - Wireless stethoscope accessory delivering realistic lung, heart and bowel sounds
  • SmartCuff™ - Compact pressure sensor attached to blood pressure cuff communicates through Bluetooth

Connectivity and Compatibility:

Requires internet connection for operation. Can utilize wired or wireless (including guest) networks. Requires no plugins or apps to be installed. Responsive and scalable user interface. Full functionality from smartphones to desktops.

Sh. wt. 64 lbs.

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