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Rugged Randy 165Lb [SKU: 149-1400]

by Simulaids


Rugged Randy 165Lb

[SKU: 149-1400]

Simulaids has kept all of the training features you prefer and added increased durability and flexibility for improved and varied training exercises.

Reinforced joints and the ability for increased mobility are available in the Rugged Rescue Randy.

The tear-resistant joints provide the extra durability required for extreme training and the cable system adds strength and increases flexibility.

You can extricate Rugged Rescue Randy from vehicles, aircraft, or other restricted areas that previously created great training challenges.

Rugged Rescue Randy allows you to train in new places with greater realism and better training outcomes.

Rugged Rescue Randy is available at different weights.

Contact us at 1.800.431.4310 for details.

Ship weight 204 lbs.