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Denoyer-Geppert's Signature Series Multi-Torso™ [SKU: SB17091]

by LifeForm


Denoyer-Geppert's Signature Series Multi-Torso™

[SKU: SB17091]

A superb model featuring 32 detachable parts. Three sets of interchangeable pelvic inserts include a 2-part sexless insert, and 4-part male and female inserts. Also included is an attachable mammary gland.

Life-size and anatomically accurate, the model is constructed of pliable, unbreakable plastic. Hand painted on both interior and exterior surfaces in more than 30 colors. Hand numbered to key code 628 structures.

The brain separates into four sections and the heart, intestines, stomach, and bladder into two parts each.

Also removable are the breast plate, major chest muscle, mammary gland, right kidney, liver, lumbar vertebrae, and lungs.

The life-size eyeball includes accurate musculature, and shows the lacrimal gland.

The model includes a cassette tape describing 11 anatomical systems with review questions, and answer key to coded structures.

Supplied on a hardwood turntable base.