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Denoyer-Geppert Giant Working Brain [SKU: SB18825]

by LifeForm


Denoyer-Geppert Giant Working Brain

[SKU: SB18825]

A twice life-size brain that displays motor and sensory functional centers in contrasting colors plus more than 120 anatomical features.

Depicting the brain of a right-handed person, the intellectual functions of the prefrontal area are labeled, identifying the left side as the dominant side concerned with speech, mathematics skills, and analytical thinking while the right side is identified with creativity, spatial perception, art and music appreciation, and intuitive thinking.

Although painting highlights functional centers on both brain hemispheres, for the sake of clarity, labeling on the centers is restricted to sensory regions on the right half and motor regions on the left.

More than 120 additional anatomical features, hand numbered on the brain, are identified in the accompanying instructor's answer key. Rests upon a detachable molded display base which allows observation of the brain from all aspects.

Lifetime guarantee on craftsmanship.