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Gaumard® Susie/Simon® Hospital Training Manikin Without Ostomy

by Nasco H+D40:L68ealthcare


Articulating head, jaw, elbows, wrists, ankles, and knees
• Bathing and bandaging
• Enema administration
• Eyes open and close
• Instruction manual
• Interchangeable genitalia
• Intramuscular injection
• Nasal and oral tube placement
• NG and OG tube feeding and gastric suction
• Opening for gastrostomy
• Ophthalmic exercises
• Catheterization exercises
• Otic drops and irrigation
• Soft, realistic face skin, hands, feet, fingers, and toes
• Wig for hair care exercises
• Tracheotomy placement
• Upper and lower dentures for oral hygiene
• Transverse colostomy, ileostomy, and suprapubic stomas, to practice irrigation
• Vaginal douching and Pap smear exercise
• Meets OBRA requirements