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3B Scientific® Anatomical Charts - Complete Set of 9

by LifeForm

  • Classic Laminated 20 in. x 26 in. Posters
  • Printed on high quality 200 g glossy paper

Absolutely true to detail and constantly updated, both in range of topics covered and in the depth of the medical data they contain. 3B Scientific® charts are indispensable aids for study, training, teaching, and patient education. Set of 9 includes one each of the following: Human Musculature (SB41515U), Human Skeleton (SB41514U), The Respiratory System (SB41517U), The Vascular System (SB41519U), Clinically Important Blood Vessels and Nerve Pathways (SB41520U), The Gastrointestinal System (SB41522U), Human Metabolic Pathways (SB41462U), Lymphatic System (SB41521U), Nervous System (SB41523U), and Spinal Nerves (SB41524U).