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DART BAG™ ECG ACLS Simulator - Red

by LifeForm


Stop lugging around heavy medical equipment! Teaching software replaces a defibrillator and ECG Rhythm Simulator! Practice capnography, defibrillation, 12 Lead, synchronized cardioversion, X-rays, transcutaneous pacing, and much more right from your tablet at a fraction of the cost of real defibrillator equipment. Use with your existing CPR manikins and equipment.


  • 25 cardiac rhythms
  • View or print all 24 rhythms in 12 Lead
  • 18 capnography waveforms
  • 21 trauma/medical X-rays
  • Upload your own 12 Lead or radiology images
  • 35 ACLS, PALS (12 AHA Core cases), and NRP scenarios
  • Create your own scenarios
  • Adjust all vitals with a wireless mini keyboard
  • PACER function
  • Synchronized cardioversion
  • Set custom alarms
  • Defibrillate 1-360 Joules
  • Give 38 different medications
  • CodeTrack - print a code report for debriefing

Includes one DART ECG Simulator license, adult defib/Pacer training pads, 3-Lead ECG cable, SPO2 finger probe, EtCO2 advanced airway adapter, and adult blood pressure cuff. For use only with Windows Onda V975w tablet (SB51003).