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TERi™ Elderly Auscultation Trainer - Light [SKU: LF04299EX]

by Nasco Healthcare


TERi™ Elderly Auscultation Trainer (Light)

[SKU: LF04299EX]

All the features of the TERi™ Patient Skills Trainer with added auscultation. Lung sounds at five anterior, ten posterior, and two midaxillary locations. Six anterior heart sites.

Key Features:

Passive Range of Motion
Seating, laying, finger/toe manipulation with no effort from patient.

Cardiovascular Support
Carotid pulses, CPR with quality performance metrics and auscultation.

Intravenous, Injection, Subcutaneous Injection Sites
Multiple locations equipped with standard arm IM injection pads.

Nasogastric Tube Procedures
Placement, lavage, gavage, feeding and suctioning.

Enhanced Aesthetics
Soft silicone skin with noticeable normal and cancerous skin moles, stage 1 sacral ulcer and reddened skin folds.

Respiratory Support
Manual ventilation with chest rise, oxygen administration, tracheostomy care, airway/trach suctioning. Airway intubation, ventilation and auscultation.

Grooming & Daily Living Assistance
Bathing, clothing changes, denture placement/removal, hearing aid placement/removal, eye irrigation and optic drops, ostomy and urinary catheter care, hair care.

Indwelling Male & Female Urinary Catheterization
Includes support for urethral and suprapubic catheters.

Advanced Skills
Urinary catheterization, enema administration, pelvic and prostate examination.

Sh. wt. 74 lbs (33.5 kg)

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