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ACLS/ECG Training Package [SKU: SB50973]

by LifeForm


ACLS/ECG Training Package

[SKU: SB50973]

Give your students the tools and practice they need to detect arrhythmias.

The Arrhythmia Display Interface (ADI) is a universal interface that allows the instructor to display arrhythmias on a regular television screen and is compatible with all makes and models of 3 and 4 lead arrhythmia simulators on the market.

The unit has an on/off switch and a freeze button allowing the action to be frozen on the screen so you can explain the QRS complexes of each rhythm.

The ADI is powered by AC current and comes complete with a 3-lead cable that connects to the simulator and an interface cable that connects to the TV.

The ADI can also be used with any of the CRiSis™ manikins to monitor from the ECG sites and comes with a two-year warranty.

The package also includes the Arrhythmia TUTOR I with ACLS Arrhythmia Module 5 (LF03668U), which provides 16 rhythm selections.

This versatile, hand-held patient simulator works with most ALS manikins, directly with most monitors, and can be used with defibrillation chest skin or regular ECG monitor.