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CPR Cube™ Second Generation [SKU: 100-CC2G100]

by Nasco Healthcare


CPR Cube™ Second Generation

[SKU: 100-CC2G100]

The newly updated CPR Cube™ enables learning on the most important part of CPR: chest compressions.
It provides accurate real-time feedback on the key elements of chest compression with enhanced audio and visual cues. An instructor app can connect to the student’s cube to monitor progress in real time either in-person or remotely.

Key Features

  • Improved graphics and visual support

  • Enhanced visual cues with lights to better guide performance

  • American Heart Association compliant

  • Compression conditions mimic a human chest

  • Accurate real-time feedback

  • Optimized product specifications for individual training

  • Alerts user when correct compression/rate/recoil is achieved

  • Auto shutoff after 40 seconds of inactivity

  • AED integration into training
  • All-in-one, easy to use, easy to deploy

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