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Neo Nate - Neonatal Resuscitation Trainer [SKU: 101-340]

by Nasco Healthcare


Neo Nate – Neonatal Resuscitation Trainer

Effective simulation of standard and emergency care immediately after birth.

Simulated birth cries, airway clearance, auscultation of heart sounds, ventilation with proper head tilt and chin lift, simulated heartbeat and umbilical pulse.

A high-quality, lifelike neonatal trainer designed for the instruction of basic care and lifesaving skills in the moments immediately after birth. Neo Nate addresses key training demands of neonatal care specialists in clinical settings, making it ideal for the training of nurses, midwives, obstetricians, and neonatal/pediatric care providers.

Key Features
• Three-year warranty
• Removable chest overlay with lungs and umbilical stump
• Umbilical cord management
• Realistic chest compressions with click
• Visible chest rise during ventilation
• Simulated vital signs