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Smart Stat Simulator With Ipad

by Simulaids


SMART STAT with iPad®* Control-

SMART STAT offers faculty and students the opportunity to simulate the tasks necessary to develop critical thinking skills. This tireless, tetherless 75-lb. (34 kg) adult patient simulator operates through Wi-Fi® and Bluetooth® technology. Programming skills are not needed to operate this simulator simple control screens provide fast, user-friendly operation. The SMART STAT is portable and designed for economical use. The simulator's rugged construction offers durability and dependability. The replacement parts are low cost and ensure continuous, reliable operations. In the Recording screen, Training documentation appears in the "Recordings" and substantiate student performance. Utilizing the "Recordings" feature establishes training and performance history. Creating a new Student list and selecting a Student name are easily available to the operator with just a tap. After a recording session, tap the PDF button to make the records available to transfer to a computer for printing, editing, and archiving.

Building custom scenarios are easily performed with the universal tap-select-tap system. Simply establish a time line and tap the choices you want the SMART STAT to demonstrate. Once the scenario is built and "Done" is tapped, it is immediately available for use during student sessions. By using skills selected for a particular scenario, faculty can track student behaviour associated with patient assessment and treatment modalities. Document student performance using simple checklists for skills performed or "medications" administered. The selections coincide with the chronological list of events, which happen during the session and/or the scenario running at that time. The limited product warranty covers one year, and an extended warranty program is available for two years of additional coverage.

SMART STAT's features include:

CNS head with cholinesterase inhibitor toxicity signs: light reactive eyes that can be set to 3 sizes and/or nonreactive conditions, tears, nasal mucus, foaming mouth, ETCO2 discharge, and prerecorded voice and vomiting sounds.
Wireless microphone for instructor dialog
Optional 16-channel wireless microphone to eliminate signal interference when using more than one SMART STAT
Lips and fingernails with cyanosis and CO flushing
Bilateral B/P and IV arms
FAST 1™ I/O access in the manubrium
External jugular catheterization
5-lead ECG monitoring &amp defibrillation
Urinary catheterization (Foley functional) with interchangeable genitalia
Abdominal sounds in 4 quadrants
Fluids onboard, including IV blood and urine output
Each pulse point can be shut down to emulate vascular difficulties or disease states
Lower left leg battery‚ up to 3 hours of operation per charge (extra battery legs are recommended)
Optional: Xtreme Trauma Bleeding Lower Arm and Lower Leg and Sim Vitals 5-Line Monitor, I/O Lower Leg, Amputated Right Lower Leg and Amputated Left Lower Arm with bleeding and response to correct tourniquet
Application: additional Battery Leg for ease in transition of ongoing sessions and scenarios

SMART STAT's other features include:
On-board air compressor with no external connections or baggage to move
Advanced Deluxe Intubation Head with oral and nasal intubation, break-out teeth, tongue edema, laryngospasm, cricothyrotomy, moveable eyelids, and the silicone head skin that utilizes a thin material capable of allowing the mouth to open naturally when the head is placed in the sniffing position for intubation.
Heart and lung sounds: 6 anterior and 4 posterior lung sound speakers and 4 heart sound speakers allowing for sounds to be heard in appropriate places. Stridor is only heard in the upper lung speakers, wheezes bases is only heard in the four lower lung speakers, etc.
12 always-active pulse points, in pairs, carotid, femoral, popliteal, pedal (dorsal arch), brachial, and radial
Distal pulses drop off with B/P set below 70 mmHg systolic
B/P settings of systolic and diastolic values with individual settings for the amplitude of the speaker sounds and to obtain an auscultatory gap
IM/SubQ injection sites bilaterally in deltoid and on right thigh
Bilateral chest complications of tension pneumothorax and chest tube insertion no damage is done to the manikin and reuse is immediately available (replacement skins included)
Spontaneous respirations with chest movement
Stomach distention

The product comes to you with all of the following items:
SMART STAT patient simulator
1 battery leg
Charging systems
Replacement parts, including pneumothorax pads, IV veins, IM injection sites, pericardiocentesis pads, FAST1™ pads, cricothyrotomy neck skins, sets of teeth, and lubrication for intubation
17 ECG rhythms with variations
Fluid reservoir filling device, storage bottles, and solution recipes
B/P cuff for use with SMART STAT
SMART STAT Pulse Oximeter
Embroidered STAT Simulator shorts
Set of 5 defibrillation site adapters
Hard carry case with wheels
Operating manual

SMART STAT. Size: 55" x 28" x 11". Sh. wt. 135 lbs.
No. 8000 With Apple® iPad®* 


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