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Randy 9000

by Nasco Healthcare


¥ Joints withstand high stress and protect rescuersÕ fingers
¥ Made from rugged polyethylene (PE)
¥ Manikin comes in individual parts, each of which can be filled to distribute the
manikinÕs weight
¥ Fill the individual pieces with water for an estimated 170-lb. weight increase
¥ Fill the pieces with sand or another substance that can easily be emptied from the
pieces for an estimated 250-lb. weight increase
¥ Empty manikin is easily moved and stored
¥ Custom-molded construction ensures consistent size from 1 manikin to the next
¥ Each sealed piece is assembled with stainless steel hardware and is easy to replace
¥ Perfect for RIT, shipboard, heavyweight, horizontal rescues, or lightweight
packaging exercises like spinal immobilization
¥ Use the manikin in all weather conditions and in fresh or salt water, but not in
extreme heat
¥ Range of motion mimics real life
¥ Clothes or carry bag not included
¥ 25 in. x 29 in. x 19 in.