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Life/form® Ultra Nursing Wound Simulation Kit [SKU: LF00720]

by LifeForm


Life/form® Ultra Nursing Wound Simulation Kit

[SKU: LF00720]

  • Wound simulation supports sensory perception in a nursing scenario and assists in confirming physical signs, realism, and critical thinking
  • Simulated conditions and injuries test the natural feelings and reactions that would occur in actual patient situations
  • Instructor-created simulation scenarios assist students with making assessments, prioritizing patients, and determining correct treatments
  • Simulation allows students to make critical mistakes without endangering a live patient, provides them with realistic patient interaction, and enables them to gain experience and gain confidence before entering real-life clinical situations
  • Using very quick, basic simulations and simple makeup, the simulated 3-D lifelike wounds can be cleaned, sutured, bandaged, etc.
  • Apply to a real person's or patient simulator's limbs, chest, head, or any other part of the body
  • Add other elements including sweat, blood, pus, mucous, or any other "recipes" needed to represent life scenarios
Includes 32 simulated wounds, makeup, and makeup accessories all packaged in a hard carry case:


    • Abrasion (LF00734">LF00734)
    • Blisters (LF00726">LF00726)
    • Blood Blisters (LF00727">LF00727)
    • Boils (LF00739">LF00739)
    • Burns - 1st degree, 2nd degree superficial partial, 2nd degree deep partial, and 3rd degree (LF00725">LF00725)
    • Cysts - pilar and sebaceous (LF00732">LF00732)
    • Dihiscence (LF00736">LF00736)
    • Incisions - normal and infected (LF00735">LF00735)
    • Infected Cyst - pus-filled (LF00733">LF00733)
    • Lacerations - superficial and deep (LF00737">LF00737)
    • Moles/Skin Cancer - normal, basal cell carcinoma, squamous cell carcinoma, and melanoma (LF00731">LF00731)
    • Ostomies - normal, double barrel, infected, prolapsed, and necrotic (LF00738">LF00738)
    • Pressure ulcers - stages 1-4 (LF00730">LF00730)

    Makeup and Accessories:

    • Alcohol Prep Swabs
    • Blood Gel with Brush (LF00750">LF00750)
    • Blood Packets (blue and red) (LF01178">LF01178)
    • Blood Paste (LF00751">LF00751)
    • Brushes
    • Castor Seal (LF00790">LF00790)
    • Cold Cream
    • Cotton Balls
    • Cotton Swabs
    • Craft Sticks
    • Drop Cloths
    • Flip-Top Pint Squeeze Bottle (empty)
    • Foam Wedges
    • Glycerin
    • Grease Makeup
    • Hard Carry Case
    • Lubricating Jelly (LF01116">LF01116)
    • Liner Pencils (white, black, red, and brown)
    • Liquid Latex (LF00754">LF00754)
    • Magic Blood Powder (LF00758">LF00758)
    • Makeup Remover (LF00757">LF00757)
    • Mixing Palette (6-well)
    • Modeling Clay (beige, terra cotta, brown, sienna)
    • Modeling Tools
    • Modeling Wax - blood colored (LF00753">LF00753)
    • Modeling Wax - flesh colored (LF00752">LF00752)
    • Mucous (LF00759(C)">LF00759(C))
    • Nasco Cleaner (LF09919">LF09919)
    • Nitrile Disposable Gloves
    • Palette Knife
    • Pencil Sharpener
    • Petroleum Jelly
    • Pus (LF00759(B)">LF00759(B))
    • Red Rubber Round
    • Scissors
    • Sea Sponge
    • Spirit Gum with Brush (LF00755">LF00755)
    • Spirit Gum Remover (LF00756">LF00756)
    • Spray Bottle (empty)
    • Stipple Sponges
    • Stool (LF00759(A)">LF00759(A))
    • Syringes
    • Thickener (LF03774">LF03774)

    Download Manual Instructions