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Life/form® Diagnostic and Procedural Ear Trainer [SKU: LF01090]

by LifeForm


Life/form® Diagnostic and Procedural Ear Trainer

[SKU: LF01090]

The Life/form® Diagnostic and Procedural Ear Trainer assist individuals in mastering the skills needed to examine the human ear using visual cues, correctly diagnose common diseases, clean the ear canal, remove a foreign body, and perform a myringotomy with ear tube insertion is anatomically correct.

Life-like right and left ears teach diagnostic and procedural techniques and are removable for easy maintenance and storage. For the ultimate in realism, the middle ear can be filled with various fluids.The instructor controls the color and consistency of the fluids.

Another feature that brings this trainer as close to life as possible is the inclusion of nine diagnostic cartridges with full-color photo prints illustrating:

  • Normal tympanic membrane
  • Mucoid otitis media
  • Serous otitis media with an air-fluid level
  • Chronic otitis media with small and large tympanic membrane perforations
  • Two views of attic cholesteatoma
  • Atelectatic middle ear otitis
  • Tympanic sclerosis

Trainer comes complete with two ears, approximately 100 pre-cut eardrums, specially formulated ear wax, three standard middle ear cartridge with syringe, adjustable stand, and a hard carry case.

Otoscope, ventilation tubes, and surgical instruments are not provided.

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