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Life/form® CPARLENE® Full-Size Manikin with CPR Metrix and iPad®* - Light

by LifeForm


High-tech solution for CPR training and documentation.

  • Graphical interfaces and audio feedback are easy for students to use and follow
  • Solid documentation lets you easily track each student's performance
  • Debriefing tools help with documentation and support training
  • Detailed reports can be saved in PDF format
  • Includes a full-size adult manikin, CPR control box, iPad®, long-sleeve jacket and pants, 5 sanitary masks, 10 disposable lower airways, 10 disposable tracheal airways, 10 white fittings, and hard carry case with wheels
  • 5-year warranty (manikin)

iPad® warranty statement: Any items not manufactured by Nasco are covered by the original manufacturers warranty and registration requirements.

*iPad® is a trademark of Apple, Inc., registered in the U.S. and other countries.