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Deluxe Dual Sex Torso [SKU: SB25326U]

by Nasco Healthcare


Deluxe Dual Sex Torso

[SKU: SB25326U]

A life-size human torso with interchangeable male and female genital organs with embryo in third month of pregnancy.

It is dissectible into 24 parts:

  • head
  • half brain with arteries
  • eye with optic nerve
  • female breast cover
  • two lung halves
  • heart (two parts)
  • stomach (two parts)
  • liver with gallbladder
  • large intestine with appendix flap (three parts)
  • small intestine
  • kidney half
  • female genital organs (two parts) with third month embryo
  • male genital organs (four parts)

Comes with Torso Teaching Guide.

34-1/4 in. x 15 in. x 9-7/8 in.