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Gaumard® NOELLE® Maternal and Neonatal Birthing Torso - Medium

by LifeForm

  • Economical simulator for those programs dedicated to practicing all facets of childbirth
  • Full-size upper and lower female torso comes with removable stomach cover and 1 articulating birthing baby with umbilical cord and placenta
  • Automatic birthing system rotates baby as it moves through the birth canal
  • Allows you to listen to fetal heart sounds, measure head descent, and cervical dilation
  • Features multiple placenta positions
  • Replaceable dilating cervices, practice on postpartum suturing on vulval inserts, and practice of Leopold maneuvers
  • Torso comes with 2 umbilical cords, 2 dilating cervices, 2 umbilical clamps, 2 vulva inserts, 3 vulva for postpartum suturing, talcum powder, water-soluble silicone lubricant, teaching guide, training guide, and soft carry bag