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Muscle Torso - 27 Part [SKU: SB41400]

by LifeForm


Muscle Torso - 27 Part

[SKU: SB41400]

A first-class quality manikin handmade from durable, unbreakable plastic. Torso and all internal organs are true-to-life in both size and shape.

Organs can be removed and replaced very easily, facilitating an understanding of the anatomy of individual organs and their position relative to each other.


  • A fixed head (skull cap, six-part brain, eyeball with removable optic nerve)
  • Larynx (two-part),
  • Two lungs,
  • Heart (two-part),
  • Diaphragm,
  • Stomach (two-part),
  • Liver with gallbladder
  • Whole intestine system with appendix
  • front kidney half, half urinary bladder
  • Four muscles
  • Removable gluteus maximus
  • Torso teaching guide included.