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Empathy Lungs Simulator

by Nasco Healthcare


A unique and powerful tool for smoking prevention and cessation. The truss-like garment is strategically weighted and worn around the torso - along with a customized airway mask which, when worn together will temporarily simulate the pronounced shortness of breath that characterizes Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (C.O.P.D.), as well as that of asthma and lung cancer. Wearing the lungs measurably reduces the userÕs total lung volume capacity, as evidenced by the before and after measurements of their Peak Expiratory rates, these PEF rates are quickly measured by an easy-to-use Peak Flow Meter (included). Such an experience invariably impacts the wearer with a realistic preview of the eventual, debilitating effects of smoking, which is the primary cause of C.O.P.D. Simulator includes two chest constrictors (one small and one large) and three weighted pouches. Also comes with 30 disposable airway restriction masks, one mechanical peak flow meter (50-800 L/min PEF flow range): 30 disposable mouthpieces (with one-way valve to prevent cross contamination during multiple patient use of peak flow meter), 30 patient booklets, 30 patient brochures, 30 Informed Consent Release forms, instructorÕs training manual, one laminated flashcard illustrating normal breathing, instructorÕs training DVD (30 minutes), and two cover-up shirts. Made in the U.S.A.