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Wilma' Wound Foot™ [SKU: SB46503]

by LifeForm


Wilma' Wound Foot™

[SKU: SB46503]

Molded from a real foot for a true-life experience when assessing the various wounds.


Twenty different conditions are presented so you can see and understand how they are different.

Great care has been taken to color each wound just as you would see it on a patient.

Once the different etiologies are understood, you can discuss and devise treatment plans that will deliver optimized patient care.

The following wounds and abnormalities are included:

  • Stage 1 pressure injury on the medial malleolus

  • Stage 2 pressure injury on the lateral foot (behind the 5th toe)
  • Stage 3 pressure injury on the heel with infection
  • Stage 4 pressure injury on the lateral malleolus with exposed tendon and bone (with
  • osteomyelitis)
  • Stage 4 pressure injury on the medial foot (behind the great toe) with exposed tendon and
  • slough
  • DTPI (Deep Tissue Pressure Injury) on top of foot with “mushy/boggy” feel when palpated
  • Unstageable eschar on lateral foot
  • Full thickness ulcer, plantar, 1st digit, probable diabetic neuropathic etiology
  • Callus under the 4th metatarsal phalangeal joint
  • Amputated 2nd toe
  • Dry gangrene of the 5th toe, due to ischemia
  • Interdigital maceration between the 4th and 5th toe
  • Partial thickness wounds between 3rd and 4th toe at 1st joint
  • Corn on top of 3rd toe
  • Callus at tip of 3rd toe
  • Ingrown toenail on the medial aspect of the great toe
  • Fungal thickened toenail on the great toe
  • Blister on great toe at the first joint
  • Hammer toes – 3rd, 4th and 5th toes
  • Skin stapled wound

    Measures 12-1/2 in. x 8 in. x 3-5/8 in.

    Comes with positioning base for "hands free" access to all the sites when applying dressings or teaching.