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MSTª Needle Decompression Kit - Light

by Nasco Healthcare


Kit allows trainees to actually perform the needle decompression procedure on a human actor or training manikin. Protective plates provide safety for the subject, while accurate human anatomy, accurate haptic response and realistic skin provide realism. This kit allows trainees to identify and practice treating a tension pneumothorax. Contents:

Protective vest (1)
Rib plate w/ realistic muscle (1)
Chest skins in choice of four colors (3)
Glass shrapnel (2 oz.)
Needle catheters (for performing the procedure) (20)
Simulated pleural space (4)
Air seals (4)
Battery-operated air pumps (2)
Hand-operated air pumps (2)
Tubing (4 ft.)
Straight tubing connectors and clamps (2 connectors, 4 clamps)
D batteries (4)
1 oz. thick blood (1)
2 oz. simulated blood (1)
Silicone adhesive (1)
Mixing palette (1)
Palette knife (1)
Scissors (1)
Sanitizing towelettes (50)