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SimObesityShirt™ Adult Obesity Simulation

by LifeForm

Expose your students to the unique physical and emotional complexities of caring for bariatric patients. By wearing the SimObesityShirt™, students can develop appreciation and empathy for the challenges that bariatric patients face in trying to perform basic activities of daily living. The shirt fits adult manikins from all major suppliers as well as standardized patients, students, and instructors. Weighted pendulous breasts and pannus create deep skin folds that can highlight the need for thorough assessment of the bariatric patient's skin. Pills, simulated yeast or fungus, and more can be placed in the folds for students to discover. Weighted pannus provides realistic challenges associated with catheterization of bariatric clients. Large upper arm size gives students practice in assessing the appropriate size of blood pressure cuff needed. The shirt also provides realistic challenges to listening to heart and chest sounds, making students lift the breasts to obtain more direct contact with the chest wall for clearer sounds. Bilateral deltoid injection sites are present as well as an abdominal site for subcutaneous injections. The shirt comes with all padding and weights needed for a realistic look, as well as fully washable "skin" and storage bag. NOTE: Do not get the garment wet. The foam, fiber-filled form and weighted sacks must be kept dry at all times. Failure to comply will void your warranty.