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Sutured/Stapled Wound Simulation Training Kit - Light

by LifeForm


Place these pre-sutured and pre-stapled silicone appliance wounds directly on a manikin or live person to simulate the care and treatment of any postoperative procedure. Designed and made with the same materials, manufacturing techniques, and quality used in major motion pictures, these wounds are extremely detailed, including tissue density, color, and subtle skin textures that are almost human. Easy-to-clean wounds are reusable. Includes two 3-1/2 in. wounds (one each of sutured and stapled), two 6-1/2 in. wounds (one each of sutured and stapled), two-part Wound Bond Adhesive, blood (4 oz.), pus (4 oz.), 10 in. x 13 in. foam-lined storage box, and instructions for application, cleaning, and care.